miércoles, 19 de enero de 2011


Under the sky
between light and blue
between the dream and nothing
comes the anxiety of being.

Penetrating hot and cold streams,
lightnings of thought
in the world of being.

An inner melody vibrates
in the world of life
building from scratch
the edification of time.

Melody of silence
shadow and mystery
twisted in the mud
in the vastness of being.

Silence scrutinizes the mystery
of a lone fighter
that wants to keep dreaming
in the lap of time.

By Luis I. Rodriguez

domingo, 2 de enero de 2011


eagle glides
in the grayish blue firmament
inviting all to follow its dance.

Falling diamonds are transformed into thoughts
by its eager wide wings

The adventurous and restless
looks for new horizons of life.

The strong sunshine penetrates its
anxiety inside.

An oasis of existential encounter
reflects the power of the broad image.

The longing walker waits in the grass
hoping to be the mirror of life.

The silent wind raises its arms
announcing the flight of freedom.

By Luis I. Rodriguez